How To: Enter a mail-in sweepstakes using tips & tricks

Enter a mail-in sweepstakes using tips & tricks

In this video, learn how to enter mail-in sweepstakes, what supplies you need, tricks and tips for filling out entries, how to organize your entries, and how to not get disqualified. This clip will walk you through the entire process so that you can increase your chances of winning and getting one of those oversized checks delivered to your door. So, follow along and enter those contests the right way to maximize your opportunities to win.

Wendy will show you her proven strategies for winning. She has been playing for over almost 20 years and has won a $25,000 trip to France, a Dodge truck, 6 or 7 TVs, $5,000 in cash twice, $1,000 in gas certificates, $2,000 in groceries, and lots more. So, check it out and start collecting those winnings!

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