Friday Fresh: Go Tuck Yourself and More

Go Tuck Yourself and More

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Go tuck yourself...

Have you ever wondered how drag queens could look so, errrrr, female, so lacking in male baggage? It must be challenging to appear so anatomically female.  Think back to M Butterfly or The Crying Game. WonderHowTo favorite Petrilude explains all in this video on the art of "tucking". Tucking is the art of making your male parts look more "female" when cross-dressing or in drag. It does require the removal of hair, so you are forewarned!

Snap a bra off in 3 seconds or less with one hand

In this video you'll learn the trick to taking off a woman's bra. The secret is to grab and pinch the bra snap. Once you watch, and practice, you'll soon be snapping off bras like a Jedi master. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Create your own South Park episode

Have you ever watched an episode of South Park and thought, "Hey, I could totally do that, and better!" After watching this tutorial, you'll have no excuse not to create your own South Park fan-fic! In this video, you'll learn how to use Flash CS4 to create an episode of South Park. Now...can you write an episode that's better than what's already out there? We'd love to find out!

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