How To: Give a homie handshake

Give a homie handshake

Getting bored with the same old normal handshake greeting? Learn how to spice up and personalize your handshake, making it hip and jiggy. This handshake could be used to acknowledge true homies, or just look cool and make others envious. One hand and one homie are necessary to accomplish this feat.

Give a homie handshake

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this is a good documentary on the subject, however, i believe that the true homie handshake is the "pound" the pound is a fist to fist bump, top to bottom or knuckle to knuckle. it is authentically homie style, as well as clean. Homie or not, i don't like any handshake that requires me to scrape or slide my hand across your hand that may have been in some dark mankey place more recent than i am comfortable with.


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