How To: Pick a wedgie in public

Pick a wedgie in public

Discomfort. Embarrassment. The wedgie. Get rid of the problem with these simple tips. Watch this video to learn how to pick a wedgie in public.

You Will Need

* A wall or large object to back up against
* A distraction
* A chair

Step 1. Find a wall

Look for a wall or other large object that you can back up against to get rid of your wedgie. Slowly make your way in that direction without drawing attention to yourself.

Step 2. Find a distraction

Wait for everyone around you to focus their attention elsewhere, or create your own distraction.

Step 3. Squat

Spread your legs about two feet apart and squat down as inconspicuously as possible.

Don't go too far: Oversquatting can create an even bigger wedgie.

Step 4. Tug

If the squat proved unsuccessful, take advantage of your out-of-the-way position to give your backside a good tug.

Step 5. Find a chair

As a last resort, find a chair, and slowly slide across the seat as you sit down. Ahhhh…doesn't that feel better?

FACT: An "atomic wedgie" is a wedgie created by someone else, usually as an act of bullying.

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useful but i tried it and doesnt work

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