How To: Pose for photos like a Ford Model

Pose for photos like a Ford Model

There are a number of basic model poses if you want to look more like a model in your pictures. First, start by turning the hips to the side away from the camera and the shoulders toward the camera. You can put one arm up with your wrist on top of your head or both arms up with your hands on top of your head. Another traditional pose involves putting one foot back and one foot forward and a little to the side of the back foot with one hand on the hip. For the face you can slightly turn the shoulders to the side and look back at the camera. Some things to avoid that look very unnatural include cupping your hand on your chin or putting a couple of fingers under your chin. Another pose that isn't natural is the peanut. It involves making two circles with your thumb and finger and putting them together in a figure 8 like a peanut. For a few more good poses you can also stand turned slightly to the side with one hand on your hip and the other up on your shoulder. If you want to smile think about something that is really funny from your past and let it create a natural smile.

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